Friday, September 08, 2006

Rembrandt's Hand

This week I went to Wroclaw in Poland, where Peter Greenaway is shooting a movie about the life of Rembrandt. He asked me to make a number of drawings in the style of Rembrandt to be used in the movie. That was quite a challenge, but a very interesting one, I spent the whole week studying Rembrandts drawings and then drawing everything I saw in the way that he saw things. I was hoping that my hand would actually be filmed and be seen on the big screen, I even had my arms shaven to resemble the arms of the actor who plays Rembrandt. But as often, the time schedule was very charged and in the end there was no time for that, so it's just my drawings that will appear in the movie. It will hopefully be released in 2007. More about Peter Greenaway and his work can be seen at

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